Experience the elegant Aerial acrobatic shows ("lucht acrobatiek")

Fluxo Acrobatics has been performing professionally for many years. Our (aerial) acrobatic shows have been shown on many stages, as well national as international as on TV (Holland's Got Talent with a duo "lucht acrobatiek act")!

Through our aerial performances we strive to inspire our audience. And furthermore, show them the sheer beauty of combining the flow of dance and movement with the human physique. We want to give something special to our audience, something inspirational that will linger long after the show is over. Using the purity of our vigorous strength and virtuosity, Fluxo Acrobatics will surprise you with a show that will leave you in a daze of exitement. Experience the extraordinary dimensions of our aircrobatics yourself; tissu ("lucht act"), hoop, trapeze, acrobatic dance on music that perfectly fits your event. You will not be disappointed.

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Fluxo Acrobatics offers a wide range of acrobatic shows. Ranging from graceful aerial tissu ("lucht acrobatiek"), to energetic tumbling and sensual brazilian dance. The artists value technique, expression and the beauty of the movement of the human.

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Acrobatic Performances can be created or adapted to suit a wide variety of parties and events. If you have specific ideas about how you would like a performance to look, and even feel, contact us to find out about the many possibilities.

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