Aerial Acts ("Lucht Acts")

Fluxo Acrobatics offers a variety of awe-inspiring and beautiful aerial acrobatic performances ("Luchtacts"). Ranging from solo/duo silk acts to tumbling and brazilian dance. For more information on these different performances see below or contact us.

Aerial Silk, Tissu by Mira, doeken act, lucht act

Aerial Silk ("Lucht Act")

Beautiful and hypnotic aerial acts. Mira suspends herself high in the air, twisting and contorting with poise, skill and grace

Aerial Acts:

Mira has a variety of solo aerial acts ("Lucht acts") available and the acts can also be performed as a synchronised duet.

Technical Requirements:

• approved weight allowance for a minimum load of 500 kilograms
• A height of 5 to 10 meters (or higher)

Photo & Video

Mira Gleisberg, Janneke van Amelsvoort, Gabriela Bartonkova and Tatjana van Onno, eva novakova in Aerial Hoop, Net, Rope and Pole and Vuur act

Aerial Hoop, Net, Trapeze, Rope & Pole Dancing

Fluxo Acrobatics is working with several aerial acrobats so we offer a wide variety of aerial performances

Aerial Acts ("Luchtacts"):

  • Aerial Hoop

A gracious aerialist moves seamlessly around a single hoop, with flexibility and strength to create unique visual images

  • Solo Net

Very original and inspiring. Nice variety from tissu

  • Solo & Duo Dance Trapeze

A dark stage, a single spotlight, and a sultry dance on a single spinning trapeze

  • Aerial Rope ("Touw")

A creation of elegance

  • Pole Dance ("Paaldansen")
    Combines dance and acrobatics centered around a vertical pole

See images above from Mira Gleisberg, Janneke van Amelsvoort, Gabriela Bartonkova and Tatjana van Onno. 

"All performances can be created or adapted to suit a wide variety of parties and events"