Fire Acts

Spectacular Fire Shows ("Vuur acts")

We offer several fire acts with Eva & Gabi and other acrobats:

  • Vuur spuwen
  • Vuur jongleren
  • Vuur vreten
  • Slijptol


Brazial Dance - Zouk, acrobatic dance, acrobatiek op event

Acrobatic Zouk - Brazilian Dance

Upside Down – Acrobatic Zouk performance with 4 professional dancers


'Upside Down' created by 4 professional dancers (Vicky, Pasty, Dirk & Mira) is a combination of (partner) acrobatics and Zouk*.
"This show is an athletic exploration of creative collaboration!"

Photo & Video

*Zouk is a dance styles based on or evolved from the lambada dance style and is typically danced to zouk music or other music containing the zouk beat.

"All performances can be created or adapted to suit a wide variety of parties and events"