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Acro Play Handstand teambuilding workshop & energy recharger

AcroPlay by Mira Gleisberg

This is the perfect teambuilding workshop and enery recharger. 

During the acrobatic energy recharger you will playfully exploring basic partner exercises on the floor. Communication and listening to your partner(s) is key and you will do things you never imagined and feel positive and empowered. It’s about fun, focus and learning to trust yourself and others. 


Handstand workshop bedrijf teambuilding play

Handstand Fitness by Mira Gleisberg

In the handstand workshop you do strength and technique exercises and learn skills & proper technique for a strong, athletic handstand. 

Getting Upside Down can help relieve stress... Inversions take some pressure off your spine, help regulate the pituitary and pineal glads and helps trigger the relaxation response of the parasympathetic nervous system. But besides that, it just helps quiet the mind down and give you a new perspective.

From now on enjoy the world Upside Down!



Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga by Janneke Amelsvoort

Een doek, je lichaam en de zwaartekracht... meer heb je niet nodig voor Aerial Yoga (ook wel AntiGravity Yoga genoemd). Hier wordt je fysiek uitgedaagd terwijl je zweeft in de lucht.

Het doek maakt enerzijds de houdingen makkelijker, terwijl andere houdingen uiterste concentratie vragen en het gebruik van al je spieren om in balans te blijven.

Aan het eind van de les ervaar je ultieme ontspanning, wegzinkend in je eigen hangmat kom je helemaal tot rust. Yoga wordt hier kinderspel!

Ervaring is niet nodig. Probeer het gewoon een keer.


Aerial Yoga

Tissu workshops

Tissu Workshops

Aerial disciplines allow a comprehensive training that includes organic body building, stretching, body awareness and progressive improvement through the learning of step-to-step aerial moves and routines. Our intensive training method differs from other workshops by focusing on building core strength in a short period and allowing for students to dramatically increase their abilities on the air, gaining new possibilities and longer resistance for longer practice times.